Posted by: joshuabronfman | July 24, 2009

New Blog

Hey there Bards! Hope your summer is going well. I’ve started this blog in order to communicate with you guys better. In the sidebar you’ll (eventually) find a bunch of interesting and important information. I hope you like it.

Here’s one of the pieces I think we’re going to do next year. This choir is actually a barbershop choir (as you can tell from the amount of facial/body movement they do and the colorful hankies), but they really nail this piece. Enjoy!



  1. I’m really loving the site J-Bones. I think this is just what we alums need to keep in the loop with all things Bards. I’m very much looking forward to one last hurrah with the Bards at the Twins game in August. Here’s to you, North Dakota U!


    P.S. – Jared and I successfully ran I Bröllopsgården by ourselves last weekend. With any Bard power that I have remaining, I demand that this song shall never die. Make it a tradition Bronfasaurus Rex!

    • I would’ve paid good $ to see a video of you two spontaneously breaking into Bröllopsgården and pulling it off! Thanks Eric.

  2. Lux Aurumque is way cool.

    O and I think I roped my roommate into joining bards. 🙂

    • Sweet! One more on our way to 50! I’m gonna see if we can do it. No promises, but maybe.

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